Saturday, January 28, 2012


South Carolina may not be a beacon for the national electorate, but in impressive fashion SC Republicans (mostly) turned away Romney and embraced Gingrich by a sizable margin in the 2012 SC Republican Presidential Primary. Mind you, this is a state with a substantial evangelical Christian population and that’s who came out and voted. Ironically and for this writer, strangely, seems the ladies mostly favored Newt despite his less than blissful domestic track record. I found that surprising and the epitome of double standard. And then you have all this malarkey about an obviously hypocritical Newt (now Mr. Morality) confessing his sins and asking for forgiveness… again doubletalk and political speak - spin, spin, spin. Gingrich’s victory, then, was not surprising and certainly a far cry from the Newt Gingrich campaign of June 2011 when his staff resigned en masse. If the Republicans have forgotten Newt’s earlier and continuing gaffes, the Democrats certainly will not…

Some Friends have also suggested that some SC Democrats came out to vote for Newt, preferring him over Romney as an opponent in the fall. You see, no party affiliation is required on the South Carolina voter rolls so virtually anything goes. Anyone can vote in the primaries and that apparently included some Democrats. Did they burst any balloons and make a difference in the outcome? We don’t think so, but it points to a flaw in the system. Having said that, in the United States anybody has the right to change their mind – and they apparently do frequently, witness the debacle called the 2012 Republican Presidential primaries.

That crossover practice is condemned by both the Republican and the Democrat hierarchies who want the ability to choose their nominee unencumbered. It does show that despite any sense of fairness and honesty that there are some desperate folks out there. We read one blog where one SC Democrat punched his card for Gingrich with the comment, “Hell has officially frozen over.” Yes, it has

While the Republicans feel the effect of Democrats voting in the Republican SC primary was negligible, it should be noted that they acknowledged a pending South Carolina court case that would prohibit crossover voting in any primary. With a wink and a nod that may backfire in the future as the disaffected from one party then could not vote for their nominee. This may just be the cost of doing business and enhance our already burdensome bureaucracy.

What do we think about Newt? Well, contrary to what some folks think, he may be the smartest and most intelligent man in politics today though that doesn’t mean he’s the best candidate for any party. Newt’s mercurial demeanor reflects that he is seemingly motivated by a cacophony of ideas and concepts with sometimes little grasp on the nuances and subtleties that permeate national and international politics. Newt is mostly confrontational (building more walls than bridges) of any candidate, procrastinates on the truth (see Politifact) and if elected would mean more (lots more) of the same visceral rhetoric we now see on Capitol Hill.

Newt should be declared a bi-partisan national treasure and then bundled off to his own spacious think tank where in mostly intellectual discord he can lob thought grenades or other materials against the walls. We anticipate that ninety-nine plus percent won’t stick but his whole existence (and maybe ours) may rely on that one pearl that will hold firmly and make a difference…

It’s Saturday. Think I’ll go shopping at Tiffany’s. Just love those little blue boxes…


Ned Buxton

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