Sunday, September 29, 2013


In one of the more reckless, incredibly stupid and ill-advised strategies, House Republicans have passed legislation that funds the government but in doing so places unrealistic restrictions and delays on implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) - all scare tactics and accompanied by the continuing disinformation that it’s too expensive, is socialized medicine and that old death panel argument, among others.  These points were debunked long, long ago (witness the last presidential election) and they (maybe with the exception of a clueless Ted Cruz), know it.  Their reality is the perpetuation of their seemingly racist status quo and the pursuit of their mantra of less federal control or involvement in any program whether it be health care, education or the ultimate financial well-being of our country – and maybe the world.  We can’t see anything good coming out of this latest Republican ploy to overturn already approved and vetted legislation, now the law.
Given that we the taxpayers of the US are already paying for these contested medical services (at a much higher rate), the only question (which has already been deliberated) is out of which pocket do we pay the bill?  It would appear that most Republicans and Tea Party folks (they are not the same) either believe all the lies and disinformation about ACA, just don’t care or are happy with the manipulation of the truth. We think it’s all three.
Reality for the Republicans is that the Senate will reject this move and even with its unlikely passage, it would be vetoed by President Obama.  This is clearly a game of chicken orchestrated by the Republicans and one that will surely force a government shutdown.
This act brings more disgrace on the GOP and we predict will result in a further diminishment of their waning influence. Watch for the implosion – it’s going to happen.
So, why is John Boehner smiling? For Republicans in the 21st century this is business as usual.  Tragically, without Boehner things would probably even be worse.  Shame on the Republicans and their Tea Party handlers…
As a youngster I was taught to always strive for the good of the many and not the few and that service to humanity was the best work of life.  Yes, with all hope gone for a rational and collaborative approach to problem solving, I’m officially gone from the GOP.
Ned Buxton

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