Sunday, January 6, 2013


Bagheera found love and moved to the United States anticipating, aye, relishing becoming a US Citizen – punctuating her July 4th birthdate.  Her ultimate mission was the attainment of that goal for her and daughter Leila.  Despite lots of turmoil and stress in an ever complicated world she was prevailing until her premature demise.  In the short time that I knew Bagheera I found her to be an intelligent, eloquent and pragmatic soul whose A+ effort at a real and better life should have been successful. Bagheera deserved more breaks than she received.
What Bagheera had was a heart and soul like her Kipling- generated namesake which she occasionally revealed but primarily reserved for only those closest to her person.  She played her life close to the vest with most aspects occupying what were mostly private moments dedicated to her and daughter Leila.

I will miss her wit and humor and her beautiful flowing Parisian French which captured even the hearts of those Quebecois she entertained almost daily.  Bottom line - she knew people and never acknowledged any barriers – only opportunities.  She mostly recently experienced pain and sorrow though even through that was able to be the segue for motivation and joy for those that knew her.

What she found at Crossmark was a convivial, kindred group of souls that she impressed and captured with her sense of humor and dedication to her work.  With her solid interactive skills she became an integral member of a talented Recruiting Team.
We lost a special one this day after Christmas last when Bagheera lay down to sleep and never awoke. I will regularly raise a glass and say her name so that none will forget and she will remain among us...  

Dors bien…. Aye.

Ned Buxton

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