Sunday, November 4, 2012


My Mother (God Bless Her!) is spinning in her grave as I write this post.  As I have mentioned in previous posts I chastised my Mother for voting the straight Republican ticket year after year despite the candidacy of folks from other parties who were clearly superior and in a position to provide a far greater service to the public. Not surprising given her role as the private secretary for two Rhode Island Republican Governors (John Chafee and Chris Del Sesto) and as a Republican Precinct Chairman in Rhode Island and as one of the early movers and shakers of the Republican Party in Dallas, Texas.  Yes, she was totally committed to the Republican Party and there was no doubt they were the party of Right.
So, what’s the big deal?  Well, I voted early last Saturday and Son like Mother voted a straight ticket - but I voted Democratic.  This was no baby and bath water scenario.  My motivation was the realization that many of the Republicans in this state and those in my district have been hijacked by the Tea Party and are having a love fest with the fundamentalist Christian Far, Far Right – the tail wagging the dog.  It’s not pretty though there are still a few Republicans with reasonable, rationale and truthful voices that really care about their fellow man. We note, however, that they are few, damn few and we mourn the loss of the moderate and progressive wing of the Republican Party and wonder if it can ever be fixed.  At this point, we think not… So, I ultimately also voted for some Republicans in races not contested by Democrats.  I did vote for the reelection of Barack Obama. He deserves four more years to continue his work and clean up the mess he inherited.

Now despite all my questions about Romney, the real motivation for his candidacy and his truthfulness (or lack thereof) during the course of his campaign, I really didn’t know what I would do when it came time to cast my ballot. As I was standing in the voting booth it all came down to my concern for those same issues and mostly Romney’s repeated failure to embrace the truth during his campaign.  He is the absolute Spin Meister and I just don’t trust him. There are so many legitimate issues he could have embraced and made the cornerstone of his campaign but he chose the dark side of spin and deception.  When Romney incredibly took credit for the auto bailout, demonstrated his lack of math skills (his seven point plan), his capacity to try and instill fear into the populous (Jeep move to China?) to his absolutely ludicrous and specious death penalty for Big Bird, well, that was the end for me.
Romney hasn’t demonstrated clear judgment or the real character to qualify him to be President of the United States.
So, the rhetoric, the noise from most Republicans who have been obstructionist and primarily responsible for the failure of Congress to do the work of The People and then try and blame Obama even for the sins of the previous Republican administration, just wasn’t right.  Politics or not, you have to draw a line and the above spin (and much more) was it for me.

Are there Democrats that I hold in the most unfavorable light?  Absolutely, and Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi top that list.  They spoil the broth and otherwise taint what could be a better Democratic Party.  And the thought of Joe Biden being in the position to succeed an ill or incapacitated Obama absolutely scares the hell out of me. His performance in the vice presidential debates points to some serious weaknesses.

Having said that, here we all are with the opportunity to honestly vote our conscience.  Some may paint me naïve by demanding honesty from politicians and while they may have a point, I know that I’m not wrong… I guess that you can chalk that one up to my Christian upbringing.

Having said all this We really wonder if anything is really going to change. Despite a persistent negative record and unequalled, historical disapproval ratings of a dysfunctional Congress, it doesn’t appear that there will be a major shift in power in the Senate or House of Representatives.  Translation?  More of the same… Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

Oh, and my motivation to vote?  Love of Country.


Ned Buxton

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