Saturday, July 28, 2012


As a lifelong Republican and now a born again Independent I presently embrace a show-me attitude when it comes to politics and most other aspects of life.   The outright lies and distortions offered mostly by the Republicans (the Democrats are playing the same game) are intended to polarize and inflame an already contentious political arena that’s spilled over into to our everyday lives.  There’s a firestorm going on and it will be interesting to see whether anybody takes the proverbial high road.  The consensus Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney took the low road on his trip abroad this week while trying to show us his foreign policy stripes and in this “charm offensive” – impress us with his capacity to maintain our traditional alliances and relationships abroad and perhaps even make some new Friends in the world arena.  If he wanted to look presidential, he failed miserably to the point of absolute embarrassment.

In one day Romney has offended millions of Britons, incurred the wrath of the British Media by ungraciously questioning Britain’s preparedness for the London Olympic Games, forgetting the name of the British Labour Leader and then acknowledging a meeting with officials of MI6 (British Secret Service) which in British protocol (this is basic) is a huge gaffe. All such meetings are considered secret and never openly mentioned. Gang, this is common sense stuff…

As a result of these inappropriate behaviors Romney has been rebranded Mitt the Twit, Party Pooper, Wannabe President and even Wazzock (Daily Telegraph) by the British Press.  By the way Wazzock as defined by the Urban Dictionary is “an idiot or daft person”.  Now we don’t think that Romney is an idiot or daft – just comes across as entitled, oblivious, insensitive and rude.  Unlike most politicians (and this may be the nicest thing I can say about him), he apparently has no intuitive inner mechanism that keeps him from opening mouth and inserting foot.  He will have to be kept on a very, very short leash and heavily scripted from this point on.  Any press conference with Romney could even be more exciting, unpredictable and perhaps even more entertaining than those offered by much maligned and ever awkward ex US President George W. Bush.  We wonder if Romney and his huge ego would allow himself to be so restrained.

Romney after two days of mostly heavily choreographed public meetings which obviously resulted in the opportunity for no special insights has now declared that London appears ready.  Eureka! We are assured that the Citizens of London and all of Great Britain and the Commonwealth Nations are now breathing a great sigh of relief.  The Romney campaign is predictably not commenting probably because they now realize the enormity of Romney’s damaging speak-talk.

On the bright side, Romney has been able to do what no one else could - unite all Britons at least for the next two weeks of The Games. It appears that even the Scots and English may even become better Friends.  All appear in lockstep and with a sense of indignant national pride have brought ridicule and shame on Romney and the Republicans.  

Your Majesty, Your Royal Highnesses and anyone else so interested, though it is obvious, please accept our assurances that Romney speaks only for himself.  We do note, however, his great, potential entertainment value and encourage you ask his opinion on any subject so long as you treat any answer in that same genre.

And if you want a real belly laugh, just ask him how he feels about your National Health Service. Oh, the possibilities are endless…


Ned Buxton

PS - Short leash is now obviously a very long leash.  Romney's advisors are letting him say whatever he wants.  Since our original post Romney among other gaffes (missteps?) has endorsed moving Israel's capitol to Jerusalem which would surely start an out-and-out war and offended just about everybody bringing even more serious doubt about Romney's ability to handle delicate topics (international or not) with any sensitivity.  Stay tuned and pay attention... NB

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