Sunday, January 10, 2010


As of the writing of this post there’s a guy on the National Football League’s Philadelphia Eagles staff (since 1997) who in a fit of runaway primordial hormones, incredible stupidity and disrespect purposefully videotaped himself twice spitting on the Dallas Cowboys Star logo located midfield at the new $1.5B Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This exercise in incredible bad judgment will prompt Dave “Spuds” Spadaro, longtime editor of, to be forever vilified by decent sports fans with a genuine love of the game and revered by the Neanderthals who inhabit this sport and are always looking to the dark side. Spadaro soon with a new nickname of “Loogie” got away with his expectoration by using his Eagles credentials to enter Cowboy Stadium and may prompt now suspicious Cowboy security personnel to ask representatives of rival teams if they intend to spit, pee or poop on The Cowboys Team Logo? Can a full body scan be far behind? Whatever happens, Spadaro’s spittle (his second was a gem) will surely qualify him for Loogie of the Year for 2010 and even perhaps Loogie of the Decade (so far).

Spadaro in a transparently insincere apology seemingly motivated and orchestrated by the Philadelphia Eagles organization refused to accept responsibility for his actions deflecting the blame thusly, “It's something I've been asked to do by Eagles fans.” An embarrassed Eagles fan then sincerely offered that he wanted Spadaro to jump off the 135 foot Ben Franklin Bridge. We are assured there are pedestrian walkways…

I’ve looked at myriad comments around the country many from Eagles fans and it would appear that Spadaro was correct in the assessment that at least some Eagles fans wanted him to do it. There were two fans especially (among others), one who bellowed that he would have, “Taken a dump on it (the Cowboy’s Star)” and the other who wanted to “Pee on it.” Many more Philadelphia fans, however, seemed embarrassed and disgusted with Spadaro’s antics.

The real Cretins here are Spadaro and those who support his effort. They are joined by those whatever their allegiance who accept his vulgar act as just another integral part of the game and any intense rivalry such as exists between the Cowboys and Eagles. A newscaster at a major Dallas TV station lowered himself to Spadaro’s level when he poked his finger in the eye of the Eagles’ logo at the end of his newscast yesterday. Class begets class and this will continue to motivate some to continue to crawl out from underneath their rocks like Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez who “loves to loathe” and is seemingly always sunning on his rock. Having said that I tend to agree with many of his observations including his take on Jerry Jones. Yea, I could learn to like the guy and could stand some reptilian sunning myself…

While a naïve dream, someday, just maybe, we can all enjoy the game for its innate beauty and not get caught up in the barbaric faux wrestlemania version we now call football. What ever happened to the pride and dignity of respectfully supporting something you believe in?

In the interim we will have to be satisfied with the results of the Dallas Cowboys performance against the Philadelphia Eagles this 2009-2010 season.

January 9, 2010 Dallas Cowboys - 34 Philadelphia Eagles - 14
January 2, 2010 Dallas Cowboys - 24 Philadelphia Eagles = 0
November 8, 2009 Dallas Cowboys - 20 Philadelphia Eagles - 16

Some have reflected that they wonder if all this wasn’t choreographed by Jerry Jones in an attempt to slyly motivate his sometimes lethargic Cowboys who until the recent New Orleans Saints game appeared to be just going through the motions. Having said that it would appear that the Cowboys like many of the Eagles players think this act and all the surrounding rhetoric absolute absurdity. This game ebbs and flows from year to year and the Cowboys motivation has more to do with money and pride given last years 44-6 final game drubbing by the Eagles after defeating them earlier in the season 41-37.

Let’s all try and stay above the horizon from this point on. Beavis and Butthead's Hockaloogie aside, maybe Jerry can outfit his new palace with spittoons or visit Mr. Sprardo’s digs with a couple of llamas?


Ned Buxton

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