Friday, December 4, 2009


Once again WE THE PEOPLE are the focus of “major” stories – how we handle and manage the flow of information/news into our lives – and determine what is pertinent – and NOT. The revelation that Tiger Woods has been engaging one or more (accentuate more) relationships with other than his wife, his celebrity notwithstanding, is unfortunate and disheartening but, frankly none of our business. If some celebrity obsessed folks demand (usually glorying in the sound of their own voices) that Tiger because of his celebrity now has to do this and that and that they have a RIGHT to any and all details regarding his affairs or any other intimate details of his personal life, know them for who they are: voyeurs, holier than thous, wannabes or just plain primordial slime. Then there are those of us who are just plain curious. If anyone finds Tiger’s behaviors unacceptable and Tiger not worthy of forgiveness, they don’t have to follow his performance on the golf course, offer or retain him as a spokesperson, purchase the products he endorses or support his charitable causes. The piper will be paid...

The self righteous and faux indignant folks that constantly stir the pot and intrude into the personal lives of any citizen are generally motivated by money and profit, their own desire for celebrity, another self serving agenda or maybe for their own amusement? The tabloid “gutter” press that parses, suggests or misdirects, prints an ugly truth or just plain fabricates stories in order to sell news, or the TV networks that keep generating filler material for their morning and evening news are doing it because it sells. That’s how they make money.

Now WE make all that possible because they think that we want it (most do) and will therefore buy the products their advertisers manufacture and sell. Bottom Line: We have a choice in these matters. We can choose to ignore this poppycock or we can jump into the fray and further fan the flames. Too many of us are choosing the latter option as no doubt many folks would really like to know if wife Elin really whacked him and, really, how many? I hope that by offering my perspectives I don’t become part of the problem though with the number of ladies in TigerGate approaching "staggering" and the outer limits of obsession, that sentiment is apparently moot.

But, it kind of makes you wonder when his alleged and not so mathematically challenged and less than sincere and apparently obsessed, first woman scorned, mistress and former reality TV star conveniently surfaces and sells out her former lover with a voice mail and other incriminating evidence of their affair [“enjoying 20 sexual encounters - the final meeting taking place in San Diego, California in October (09)”]? Ca Ching! While I am not judging Tiger, it would appear that an incredibly naïve Woods never found any real refuge there (or anywhere else) and was totally deluding himself when he should have been home “taking care of business” and honoring his marital vows.

Might of Right was pleased with the usually poignant and right on perspectives of Tim Cowlishaw, the Dallas Morning News’ (DMN) lead sports columnist and regular panelist on the ESPN sports talk show Around the Horn. In his
Shame On Us column in yesterday’s DMN Cowlishaw offered to the world that Tiger doesn’t owe us any explanation, period.

Ed Willes, sports columnist with Canadian Canwest’s The Province in a sometimes tongue in cheek, gentler and kinder perspective,
Tiger Burning Not-So-Bright, asks more questions than he answers while also hitting the nail on the head by offering rightfully about Tiger and his brand that, ‘It's about the aura. It's about the mythology. It's also about the presumption he's a pretty-good guy.”

Seems that we are as equally delighted to bring someone down as we are quick to raise them up. Tiger is apparently just a man (like the rest of us – flawed) albeit one with an extraordinary, unique ability. Given his most recent admissions he may be more like us than not and maybe a reason why we should embrace him all the more.

While not a Metallica fan, I am reminded of the lyrics of their 1991 Holier Than Thou hit.

No more

The crap rolls out your mouth again

Haven't changed, your brain is still gelatin

Little whispers circle around your head

Why don't you worry about yourself instead?

Who are you? Where ya been? Where ya from?

Gossip burning on the tip of your tongue

You lie so much you believe yourself

Judge not lest ye be judged yourself

Holier than thou

You are

Holier than thou

You are

For all of his flaws and transgressions it does appear that Tiger is a “pretty-good guy”, witness his successful and dedicated efforts in raising millions of dollars for charity. He has a major if not herculean undertaking in recovering his marriage, learning from his mistakes and, hopefully, reasserting and regaining his role model status, especially with our Youth.

We will find out Tiger’s true mettle if and when he plays in his next tournament where millions of folks (many not fans) will be scrutinizing his each and every move. Let’s all allow him the opportunity to get out of this bunker and shoot yet another birdie. Whether or not Tiger recovers or ever plays golf again is the real story. The reality is that this also puts the PGA in a major quandry and tenuous situation. Hard to imagine the game of golf without Tiger Woods.
Good luck, Tiger.


Ned Buxton

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